27 07 2008

Firstly to Jen Khouria for stepping and in initiating the Day of Blogs.

To everyone else who signed up to help and make this possible.

To my monitorees who have blogged bravely throughout the night and have given me a purpose and a goal and an occupation other than thinking of my own weariness.

To Renee who held my hand without being my monitor. Who took part in my Best Entry competition and who has written from the soul about depression.

To Jessica my monitor who looked in on me and encouraged me. Who understood.

To ALL my friends who took the time to come and support me – most of them yesterday AND today and some in the deep dark hours of the nigth. THANK YOU. THANK YOU

To those friends who delved deep into their pockets to help me reach my target. THANK YOU TOO!!

To my husband, who has fed me (wasaby?????? – sorry where was I?) delicious things, brought me bread today and a yummy cream cake from the bakers. Who pretended to watch Nemo last night. 😉

And lastly, to Mischief, who shared my sandwich, kept me warm, didn’t leave my side for a minute during the night, who tried to keep me awake with a ball and who is now, clearly, completely exhausted by the whole thing. 🙂






3 responses

27 07 2008

Well done!!! 🙂

28 07 2008

this was totally worth it
on reviendra plus nombreux l’an prochain

28 07 2008

Thank you for being such an awesome monitor! It was great meeting you and chatting a bit. I’ve added a donation for you as a thank you. *hugz*

Hope you’re well rested today!


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