What’s in a name? 1.30

26 07 2008

  Running late again and not doing any better on the stomache front. In fact have the cold shivers as well now. Seriously hoping the fish wasn’t bad but am sure its the wazabee. Man.

I just picked up this idea on somone else’s blog. Probably should be deep an meaningful but think I run to deep and anythingful at the moment.

So. You have to find something to say about yourself with each letter of your name. … Thank God I only have a short name…

M   – moribund – what does that mean again?   Morose – sometimes. Moron??? Marvelous…yes, marvelous, that will do!

O – orrible. 🙂  original…

I – idiotic – Gawd, why are these always the first words I find? Imbecile? In…. oh, interesting. Yes, that thing I’m finding it hard to be right now. Yes. That one.

R – Right. Always Right. Even when I’m Rong. 🙂

A – Ass. 🙂  Yes I have a big one too…. Able. nah, that’s not great. Aimiable – most of the time. Angry – occasionally.  Angelic…… Ok, let’s leave it at that then.

What’s yours?




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