Almost there 14.30

27 07 2008

Its a shame I wasn’t more ‘organised on this this year. There is much more I ‘could’ have done…. on the other hand, given that three weeks ago I wasn’t even going to blog, that I moved ‘semi-homes’ three days ago and that all my stuff is still in bags in the kitchen, well… you know… actually, this is alright.

I’m likely to come back in the coming days and link  up entries from other blogs I didn’t get to read, just cos there wasn’t enought time.

And I’m likely to come back and try out some of the prompts I didn’t get to use and more specifically, use this blog as a place to store pics and tales that I’m happy to share with my friends here.

And… I might just do that cancer awareness thing I was meant to be doing. I do believe the work that TCT does is important and if I’ve learnt one thing today, it’s to get those entries at least written and perhaps even up and posted before the event.  19 people checked in here before I began and the site was empty….. shame on me….

but hey, I was here, flying by the seat of my pants. good job I wear big fat woolley bloomers. 🙂 Not.




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