For JustK and Nelys

27 07 2008

Yes this is really me – all me and no one else – apart from the bits I’ve nicked from youtube.

Thank you for all your notes too and for coming to find me (multiple times Nel – I was your notes too late last ngith but they kept me happy in the early hours of the morning).

Thank you!!!

It seems easier to post this here than to leave a note… I prefer OD…but this seems easier for those who have never used a blog before.




3 responses

27 07 2008

How on earth did you have time and enough energy left to send me a note… 😉
You are doing great!

27 07 2008

🙂 Beams.

You’re welcome. I just wish I had won the lottery last night so I could make a donation…

How are you feeling? You must be tired… Here’s sending you a cyber-shoulder massage!! AND, aren’t your fingers sore from typing so much??

27 07 2008

Hi Again Mia
You must be finished by now. Sorry I haven’t been a very good support this year. Excuses 1: Forgetting about it til about lunch time today, and then 2: Assuming this was a whole bunch of peoples blogs.
I wasn’t sure , because the name of the web site sounded very genral (wordpress0 and I didn’t imagine it was just you.
Anyhow. I was thinking of you. And congrats for finishing

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