How do you drink yours? 23.00

26 07 2008

It has long fascinated me how many different ways Americans have to name coffee. 

Coffee is coffee as far as I’m concerned and not something I necessarily used to like. It used to be milky with sugar if it was strong. Now I love strong… but not too strong …Caffe Latte. I hate that being back in Belgium will mean that I can’t just stroll into Café Nero (or Costa) with a good book, slump in one of those lovely sofas and just read and enjoy my lovely Caffe Latte.  Or write. I used to write in the Outlet Centre in Ashford. I could have written for hours over a Chai Latte.  Honest-to-goodness-from-the guts-fiction too. 

That reminds me – there was meant to be SOME fiction on here today. Still – there are another 16 hours to go. 16 hours !!!!!!!!!! No way!!!

Anyway, here we go, on our little way. Another post posted.




2 responses

26 07 2008

Yeah, some fiction would be good… or some musings… or ponderings…. or abstract thingies 🙂

26 07 2008

Good luck. I just watched the vicar of dibley clip for the first time. made me laugh. thankyou. I’d love to read about the differences between belgian culture and british culture if you get a chance.

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