my hero or the feel good factor – 9.30

27 07 2008

A little earlier on, I answered a prompt about which super hero you would be. I think there was another one about who my hero is.

I’m  not sure I have a hero, but I have long had an admiration for Meg Ryan and if not for her as an actress, because I know very little about her, then the roles that she plays. She generally plays very sweet, very likeable, very gentle characters and I imagine her to be similar.  I always hated the fact that she had an affair with Russel Crowe and broke off her marriage though she could have innumerable reasons for doing so, including that Russel Crowe used to be totally irresistable. I think he’s a bit of a jerk actually, but hey ho, its not like we have a picnic every Friday together. Could be a really nice guy I spose instead of a complete using tosspot. Is this slander? No idea.

(Actually I just did some looking up and apparently she had a bit of a rude interview with Michael Parkinson – to follow I think).

Anyway…. my favourite all time feel good film is “French Kiss” so, as I was struggling abit this morning, I thought a few clips could be in order….

But then there are so many that this is going to become, mega youtube clip entry of the thon probably….

Little do I care, so here goes:

French Kiss

My favourite bit:
I love the smells and tastes and feel of things and flowers and the air outside and food and wine… oh yes wine.  And France. And French cheese and oh, everything really.

But its closely challenged by “you make my ass twitch”… “fester fester fester, rot rot rot”

oh and apparently we have the same stomache.

oh dear, now this reminds me of something recent…let me see… could it be……. wasabi?????

don’t you just adore a loveable rogue?

I love it… its so Frrrreeenncccch

Anway, I’ll stop now. Its time to post. I think I now all the words off by heart and yet I still laugh at the jokes, still mist up at the misty bits. How sad is that?  But you know what, it never fails to cheer me up on a sad day. Better than chocolate cake any day.





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27 07 2008

You’ve realised already I didn’t understand anything about this blogathon.

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