The thing about monitoring…. 20.00 – No 11

26 07 2008

 is that you get to read lots of other interesting folk but don’t get to write anything yourself…. which is probably good if you’re a boring old fart.

It also means you get to nick other people’s good ideas…. which I will avidly do in, oh, possibly an hour. Because now I need to post to the main site, which is here:

Three hours ago… oh no!! FIVE hours ago!!! I wanted to write a first quick entry and then move to the kitchen because its cooler in there than here. I only just had time to nip to the loo. Still. Time flies when you are having fun they say.

This is a good place to stop by for a giggle:   There are some great prompt ideas here too and some really quirky entires. Adam is blogging in honour of his grandfather who had cancer.




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