If you disappeared today…. 7.00

27 07 2008

 I wanted to write a ‘proper’ post this time so I used a prompt generator – one of the one on the Day of Blogs site.

However, I thought a lot of the prompts might need some time for me to answer them properly. Then this one popped up and I KNOW the answer to this one:

If you disappeared today, who would be affected?

Simple, and actually not so simple.

I was going to say my mum, but the reality is that it might be my Dad or my Husband. … or the dog.

No, not the dog. I think, to be honest, my Mum. She has already lost my brother in a way and I’m not sure how she would cope if I were to disappear too. I remember that a lot.


Am suddenly, all of a sudden actually, really seriously struggling. I think I might well need a nap. And some pain killers!

Don’t dare to nap though – will have a shower as soon as Sebby is up.




2 responses

27 07 2008

Monitor stopping by to say “Hello!” as well as I too am getting sleepy (which is a bit unusual) and I think it is about time for some coffee. Also, you can surely join my club, as you commented before, and if you are a geek then I definitely am.

27 07 2008

Mia, is this you? I think I recognised your picture, but there is so much on this page I don’t know which is your writing and which is someone elses. Good luck

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