Complaints from the chef – 19.30 – No. 10

26 07 2008

As I was posting the last one, the man of the house arrived with my next course….so sorry, but you get pics of that too….

Yummy Sushi – homemade at that. Two sorts – one filled with crab and totally yummy, the other, well, filled with um….wazabee!!!! 🙂

And then there was a complaint that I hadn’t told you what the first one was, so I guess I’d better do that too.

This is Jsuiscon….er, sorry, Chicon. One of those lovely Belgian specialities. Witloof for those Flemings around… and endives for another other normal people. I am NOT a lover of this veggie no matter what you choose to call it. I just find them bitter and the worst soup I ever had was endive soup.

But this??? Now this is different. Totally scrummy in every way. Each endive leaf is smoked trout mashed in mayonaise and with a dabble of coriander leaves. Yummmmmmm.

Ooooft, just got the wazabee again… Oh laaaa.




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