The 1am grump

26 07 2008


Had to happen, right?

Here goes….ooooohh,, ahhhhh, grump, grump.

The two sleeping beauties just rolled over and got more comfy – they make me laugh how that synchronize their movements together. They stretch together, open one eye and look at me together, roll and turn over together. I may have to suggest that they actually go to bed so that I can watch a film, or something.

The grump – oh yes, I think that bloody wazabee has seriously done something nasty to my insides. Call the fire brigade please, cos I am on fire. Not nice… and there are a whole 14 hours left to go…. and I need to find something more interestiing to write about because I’m even boring myself.




One response

26 07 2008
Renee Rigdon

You are doing a great job! I can’t imagine how tired I’ll be once it gets dark.

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