Monitees – 17.00 – Post 5

26 07 2008

I am one happy monitor having discovered that all my monitees have checked in and eagerly beavered away at some entries. I’m also happy that I have now got them all safely tucked away onto my blogroll which will a) save me an enormous amount of time looking for them and b) enable you to find them if you want to.

I’m also knackered now. And its only 16.47. Bad news that. Still, after this little entry, perhaps a tour around the garden coudl be in order. We’ll see.

I thought it might be fitting to introduce my monitees, just in case you want to wander along and take a peek at their blogs at all.

There is Jen is blogging for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital .  When I last looked in she was writing about fiction and food.

Jessi is blogging for Autism Speaks  – she was mostly doing fiction.
Jen is blogging for the American Cancer Society  – was doing some general bloggy type stuff things – surveys and the likes when I looked by.
JL is blogging for AICR  – is writing about High Fantasy,  Mythic Fantasy, Faerietale Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dark Fantasy – looks interesting – and she also has trivia, prizes and other fun and games going on.
Stefanie is blogging for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital  using prompts for fiction
Aurora Lamour is blogging for the National Fibromyalgia Association  – a bit of everything – random, fiction and …. I know if I write this, you’ll be off over there… the site is marked for adult content.
Adam is blogging for the American Cancer Society  is talking about TV, films (and their endings) and … food. yum.

Oh, and there will be someone else too: Jennifer blogging for Amyloidosis Research Foundation . But she’ll be on the B Shift, blogging much late.


Well, we’ve now been going for 2 hours, so any of these blogs could really have changed in the meantime. I’m knackered. geheheheheheeheh

And I need to post…..




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