Why am I doing this? – 18.27 – No ??

26 07 2008

Simple answer: Because I can.

Because I spend literally hours on the internet every day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Sometimes it has been a life-saver. Sometimes like a drug. Chatting to friends on MSN during my PGCE was so helpful, just for hanging in there. The friends I met years ago, helped me to realise I was going the wrong way in life and to find a new path. And the friends I  have now via my blog are extremely special even though we may never have actually met in the flesh. They get to listen to my rants, my self-pity and my celebrations of success.  They are great people who I would never have met if it weren’t for this ole internet business.

Because two years ago one of my ‘favourites’ from my closet blog was doing something strange called the Blogathon. It was around 9 on a Sunday morning and she had five hours left to go. It was middle of the night for her in the US and I sat and cheered her and her friend on, helping to keep them awake, encouraging them to blog till the end.  And I ‘met’ a whole lot of other crazy people, doing just the same as she was and raising a whole heap of money for good and valuable causes.

Because for one day and one night (actually with the time frame – two days and one night) my internet geekiness may help someone. Someone young who has been smacked in the face by life.  Someone who has to face up to something that would make most adults crumble at the knees.


I hate asking for money but if you do have, just a pound to spare, I’m doing this to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, to give hope to youngsters with cancer. If you can spare, just a pound, please step this way: https://www.teenagecancertrust.org/sponsor/MoirasDayofBlogssponsorspot

Thank you.




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