Easy over, sunny side up Midnight calling

26 07 2008

So, it also intrigues me how many different types of eggs there are in the US. I mean, here, you have fried, poached, scrambled, may be benedict if you’re lucky. Omelette.

So what does easy over, sunny side up mean?  Sounds like it should be in a song by Catrina and the Waves.

And this is where I realize that it must be getting late, because now I’m going to get personal. In the film “Runnaway Bride” Richard Gere (or his character) points out to Julia Roberts (or her character rather) that she doesn’t know herself. She doesn’t even know how she likes her eggs. 

I remember that striking a pretty loud chord with me. I once had a boyfriend (well, an ex-boyfriend at the time of the asking) who asked me whether I had liked going to football matches but I genuinely like football, or whether it was just because of him.

Simple really, I went because I wanted to know what it was like to stand in a stadium and cheer as part of a crowd. It was great. I crossed Germany to Chemnitz to see the local team play with him and a mate because it seemed like a crazy dumb thing to do and that it would be fun… and so it was…even the bit where I tried to jump on a moving tram and got pushed out onto the road. Anyway. Moving along.

But there were many things I did and have done because I was ‘fitting in’ with what someone else wanted and somehow I was forgetting to be me and who I am.

I figure that’s part of being a couple in a way and I figure it’s a problem that probably concerns women more. All couples need compromise, but a compromise is something that respects both persons limits and allows them to carry on being who they are without damaging the other person. It’s about growing together, each other with each other. Not shrinking together. Until neither of you recognize the person you first fell in love with.

So many people haven’t understood how I could live away from my husband (and dog) for the past  three years but for me, those three years have allowed me to return in more ways than one.

I have been able to remember who I am, what it is I want and need in life and from life and to find the strength in me to go and get it without leaning on anyone. You can’t give someone support if you are leaning on them and you cannot grow yourself if you are laying down.

Anyway, I know how I like me eggs – break them into the pan, move the yolk and the white around (but don’t beat it – its not an omelette) and then fry both sides. I have no idea what they call that, but served with ketchup that’ll do fine.




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26 07 2008

Well, I’m off to bed. I’ll catch up with you in a few hours… Night night… and good luck!!

26 07 2008

Yeah, when I post a note, it says that it has to be approved by the moderator first…

26 07 2008

I know, its a pain and I don’t know how to change that because for example, I didn’t even see these utnil now….grrrrrr

26 07 2008

hahaha… i know that scene.

i like my eggs scrambled. sometimes i want cheese mixed in. i always use salt & pepper – after the eggs are out of the frying pan and on the plate. sometimes salsa is good dribbled over the eggs. but it just depends. and when i go to ihop (international house of pancakes), i always order the exact same thing – the country ham omelet (msp?) with sour cream.

thanks for keeping track of me during these 24 hours.

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