Second wind – 3am

27 07 2008

We are half way their folks!! Yaaaayyyyy!!!!

I personally am waiting for the sun to come up. I LOVE that four in the morning bit where the birds burst their lungs and the first little glimpses of light come slipping through the sky. I love going out in the garden when everyone else is asleep…. of course, this doesn’t happen often because I also LOVE rolling over and pulling the duvet snug up around my ears. šŸ™‚



Even if it sodding well rains!

Passing thought – it probably reminds me of Glasgow a bit where the sun never seemed to set properly in summer and there would still be a bit of light at midnight…. or is it just that I was still up quite a lot at 4am when I lived in Glasgow?? Hmm… p’raps I should change the subject….

So I’m getting my second wind for which I can thank the number of notes that popped up on that island I just left at 2 in the morning!! What are you doing guys?? šŸ™‚ Well, I’m not complaining – its lovely. But that makes you more crazy than me!!

Ooops, I just managed to save my dog from falling off the sofa onto her head!!! And she has gone straight back to sleep!!! Incredible!

And I have gone from cold shivers to hot flush. Not good me thinks, not good. I shall carry on with my treatment of diet coke and madonna.

Have almost been around my monitees one more time and left them all notes. Patting myself on the back. And a few outside of my little list.

But now, there has been no fiction at all…. And there has been a special request. So, with no further ado, I must press on!!!


Oh – and thanks guys, you are wonderful!! (as always)




2 responses

27 07 2008
Renee Rigdon

Glad to see you got another wind! Sunrise will bring energy.

27 07 2008
Paul Brown

Well, I can confirm that the sun has set here in Glasgow, although there is still a silver glimmer on the southern horizon. As for what I’m doing, well… there’s a DVD on in the background (oh what the… you’ve confessed to geekiness, so OK, it’s Doctor Who), I’m doing a little light internet browsing (obviously) and intermittently learning to play the Hong Kong Phooey theme tune on the banjo. Oh, and the theme to Monkey!, which I’ve discovered sounds appropriately oriental if you play it slowly and wiggle your fingers on the frets a bit. Quietly, of course, as there are neighbours to think of.

As I said, I was at work today, starting at midday and (officially) finishing around midnight on day three of an eight-day stretch. On the plus side, at the end of it I’m off to Germany to see Susanne for four days, so head down, grit the teeth and onwards.

Since I saw you last I’ve acquired an acoustic guitar and accidentally bought myself an electric one as well. With the banjo, the banjo uke and the normal ukulele, that makes for quite a musical menagerie. I’m currently resisting the temptation of a mandolin, but don’t know how much longer I can hold out. Have you made much progress with your uke yet?

Right. Much as I would love to keep you company all night, I think I’d rather be unconscious when the sobering-up process begins. I’ll pop back in the morning to see how you’re doing. Keep at it! By my reckoning, the dawn is already heading your way at an increasing rate of knots and you should be seeing your own silver glimmer in about half an hour to an hour. Give it a wave from me.

Take care,

P. šŸ™‚

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