Staying up late, because I can!

4 07 2009

It’s blogathon time again and I need to get this blog into shape for 25th July. We’ll be hitting off pn Saturday at 3pm CET(horrible time) and blogging through the night and right through Sunday until 3pm CET. And then I’ll be snoring. Hopefully.

Of course, this year is a tad different to the last two. This year I have a little baby to think of too. He’ll just have turned three months old when the blogathon begins and I’ll be needing to feed him, change nappies and most of all, sleep or I’ll become a foul mum just for a few quid. So, forgive me, but this year I will be pre-writing some of the entries and I will be enlisting the assistance of my hubby to help me post in dire moments.  I’m sure you understand why though.

And now, I’ll be blogging for the ME Association this year. A cause very close to my heart. You want to find out why, then you’ll have to stop by and check out the blog.

I’m doing it, because I can. Because this may be the last year that I can. Just because I can.




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