First bicycle 4.30 am

27 07 2008

still no light out there guys. Should be light at 4…it was in the UK. Bloody Belgium. Give me the island!!!  🙂

I don’t mean it… although I do miss the beach…and the sheep…(no comments please)… and the fields …(not that there aren’t any here, but they’re different)….. All right, I’m stopping now.


So… first bike then?

Well, my uncle was a bike salesman – bit of an easy one that. I ended up with the sort of bike you wouldn’t have bought normally, probably the one he couldn’t flog elsewhere. It had little wheels and was a ‘budgee’ I think. Now was that mine or my brother’s? Or…did I inherit my brothers?

Yes… that’s it. In that case it might have been a rayleigh. It had a cool metal bit on the back,  a big loop like the stunt bikes used to have and if you sat on it you could do wheelies all the way down the road. It was cool.

Maybe I’m mixing up two bikes?

The first REAL memory of any bike is simple. In our house, you didn’t have stabilizers. You either learnt, or you fell off. And in our house, if you fell off, you got up and got back on again and you didn’t make a fuss.

Except,  my brother was supposed to hold the back of the bike for me so that I could ride around the garden in safety. I think I was about 5 or 6 ish. We had some strange wooden clothes pole in the garden to which there was a television arial attached. And in the middle of the garden was a concrete path. The other side of the path was a small bank. So… we rode of round one end, up the bank and round again and about this point my brother either got bored or he thought I could do without him. He let go of the bike… and I rode straight down the bank, over the path and slap bang into the pole.


It hurt.  I looked like I’d been in a fight for weeks.




One response

27 07 2008

I’m loving reading about these firsts 🙂

My first bike was a purple Rayleigh with about 7 gears. My brother had a racer with TEN gears!!!! I was jealous, but mine was so much prettier 🙂

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