Firsts…… 3.25am

27 07 2008

How could I possibly refuse a request from a friend who has supported me through two thons and through so much more in my life?  Someone who has really been there for me in moments when I didn’t know where else to go? Someone whose advice I truly respect?

So… here we go…

First Kiss…. ahhh, well, it was awful.   Guy was a paedophile and a complete jerk. End of.

First boyfriend… was a complete jerk as well, but not a paedophile fortunately.

First crush…well, I had lots of these so I don’t really know when the first one was. I think I grew up in love with the idea of being in love. Perhaps I just needed to be needed? (oooh, this is the bit where I become aware of  having given this link to ALL and sundry – but hey ho, in for a penny, in for a pound – or more….:-))   I think the first REAL crush, the one where I spoke utter jibberish and started blushing was during the Xmas play when I was 11 in my first year of secondary school. HIs name was Scott…Scott dunno-what, although I did quite recently. He had died blonde hair and I thought he was God himself. I played one of the girls in the Crucible. I had to moan and lay in bed and dear Scott was my father who had to lean over the bed. He was gorgeous.  Anyway, the one thing I really remember about that play was that at the dress rehearsal we couldn’t stop giggling and there is photographic evidence of me leaping out of bed and across the stage in complete depravity wearing ….my finest dunlop trainers…….:-)

Yep, I met my drama teacher’s wrath. But he was a perv who was later removed from school so I have no remorse.

And Scott  left school the following summer and that was the end of that.




2 responses

27 07 2008

Good morning… 🙂 Wow, you seem to attract a lot of perves!!! lol

27 07 2008

this is bringing back hilarious memories of sitting in my bedroom discussing that guy who;s name i’ve totally forgotten but it began with E. i’ve ven got a picture of you. aged 14. xxx

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