Proper day now 6.30

27 07 2008

It is proper daylight out there now. Qutie funny. I’m  awake. Not sleepy.  I’ve managed this year so much better than last.

I think the difference is that last year I wanted EVERY entry to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and some people can do that. But I can’t. Not unless I write them all in advance and that’s not really what its about.  This year I chilled and thought I’d take what came.

The other things is that I’ve been monitoring and reading other people’s blogs. The time passes sooo fast you have no time to get bored.

There are a few more folk I want to visit and then I’m getting on wtih some fiction – if I can, but certainly some prompts.

Dog is still sleeping tightly. I’m a bit worried about her. She seems so thin. But then she was at the kennels this week and since then she has been eating a little but probably not enough given that she is tearing around the garden like crazy with me.  I’m going to feed her up and fatten her up a bit.




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