6 things you would hate to wake up to….. 20.30 NO 12

26 07 2008

Well, there are quite a lot of things really….

1. A pneumatic drill going outside, making the hole building shake, the windows and all.
2. A child having thrown up all over the bed….(yeah I did this too… likely to happen one day).
3. Someone else wet the bed….(yep, this one happened too….long time ago and it wasn’t me who did the wetting…yeeeuuuch)
4. A policeman standing at the door. (yep, this one happened too – 5.30 – or was it 6? in the morning. Thank God it wasn’t bad news.)
5. A rat, dead or alive, there because it is a gift from my dog/cat or of its own accord. Not nice. No thank you.
6. The roof has fallen in… hopefully we are safe on this one.




One response

26 07 2008

Monitor saying “Hello!”

I have come by a few time, but was not able to comment.

I am just glad my cats no longer go outside otherwise I would get their “special presents” as well — they used to get the chipmunks and Squeaky (the little one) liked frogs.

I will be around again, take care.

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