I was going to – 11.00

27 07 2008

LizzieLu gave me this prompt a while back when I was struggling to survive even. I am oddly alert now, have establisehed that it is far too warm in this living room and that I need to head outside for a bit. Wireless works out there – that’ll be cool.

I was going to blog from every room but if I thought the place was the pits before I started blogging it somehow got worse overnight. How did that happen? Did the fairies come and make a mess? Or is it just my perception.

I was going to scan in pics of the house as it was and then do pics of it as it is.  Would’ve been fun for people who know me … and the house… and probably really scary for those who don’t.

I was going to really raise awareness of all the valuable work the Teenage Cancer Trust do. I was going to raise awareness about serious types of cancer.  I didn’t  want to do this in advance because I wanted to keep all the juice and emotional stuff for the day as a potential sponsor catcher.

But when it came to it, I just wanted to enjoy the event. Last year I wanted every entry to ‘count’, to ‘make a difference’ and I go so het up and stressed that after 8 hours you could’ve thrown me in the bin. This year I was just, Mrs Cool, blazé, relaxed…. a bit busy and bit stressed at one point. Oh, and also a bit majorly in agony at one point too (wasabi).

And in the end, you know what? Sod it.  I’ve got four hours left to do some cancer awareness stuff.

The house and my plans, well you know, this site will remain – for folk who are interested I will update from time to time because I’ve come out of the cupboard now and actually, its fine out here. Not that I wrote any fiction mind, but I could, perhaps. Still four more hours to go.

So…and its been better this year, with my blogroll, but …I didn’t read all the blogs I would have like to have done. I guess that is something that happens every year.




2 responses

27 07 2008
Aurora Lamour

The first year I blogged I thought I was going to have the whole house cleaned in between blogs.

27 07 2008

ooooh I love wasabi – the adrenalin rush!!
With sushi ,I hope

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