The Parkinson interview

27 07 2008

Well, now this may or may not interest you at all… but I like Meg Ryan and will continue to like her. I had to check this out because on the ever-so-trusted resource that is Wikipedia (;-)) it was claimed that dear old Meg had been very rude to Parky and that she had told him to cut the interview short.

So I had to watch… and she’s short but she’s not really rude. She’s defensive. She’s wary and he picks up on that and someone he does nothing from beginning to end to put her in her comfort zone and she’s not rude, she just wants to put across her vision of the character she plays and not be judged for it. In the second part, her voice even cracks when he touches on the subject of her divorce. She knows where the interview will go and she’s not at ease. I even think the opening gambit on  fashion was the thing that really got her because, well, she’s not, but not fashion queen surely? hark at me!!!

If I had one things to say, in the video she looks too much like Rene Russo or another famous actress I can’t think of now.

and here she looks like she’s copying a certain Miss Jolie: Meg Ryan, 2007.
How can her mouth change so much?   That sexy sultry look.


Anyway, make your own minds up….




2 responses

27 07 2008

When you mentioned Meg earlier, I was loathe to say that she has a very bad reputation for being impossibly difficult when interviewing… really really bad. I used to like her though – I LOVE her hair – always have done, no matter what she does with it – it looks good.
But yes, its a real shame about her (shall we say) ‘perceived’ reputation… Not such a nice woman by all accounts.

27 07 2008

Actually, in the ‘Jolie’ pic you posted, I kind of think she looks a lot like Cheryl Crow…

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