If an alien visited my home. 8.00

27 07 2008

This was the latest prompt.  From where I’m sitting, either the alien already lives here or it would run away in fear. 

There is soooo much clutter in this house it is untrue. I once said to a dear friend “I’m quite into the idea of Feng-Shui.”  He looked at me in horror and said “really?” “Yes,” I replied. “Why? Don’t you like it?” “No,” he replied perplexed. “It’s just that you really can’t tell.”

🙂 Bless him. He is so right. But I’m winning, slowly.

A long time ago I realised that if there is such a thing as reincarnation and lessons to be learnt in life, then my lesson is PATIENCE.  Without any doubt at all.

I can be very patient. I can sit and wait for hours if I have to.
And yet I can also be annoyingly impatient and when I want something, its now.  I mean, the garden, the house, the holiday to Hawaii… no just kidding.

The same friend told me once “A kettle never boils if you watch it.” Oh wise grasshopper, you speak true. I’m learning.

Anyway, back to the alien. I just had a shower to try to revive myself. It did the opposite. I am now completely dizzy, the world is actually spinning and I feel really rough. I also look about 10 years older than I4 hous ago and we still have 7 hours left to .

I’m not giving up, so there.  But there does seem to be an alien sitting on my sofa right now with a laptop attached to it somehow.




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27 07 2008

here’s an easy thing, if you need an easy prompt. I’ve just plucked three words from my “word tin” (magnetic poetry).



27 07 2008
Aurora Lamour

Have you ever heard of http://www.flylady.net? It gives you good step by step plans to organize and declutter your house. I need to work on that area of my life as well but it is nice because it sends little 15 minute jobs to your email to force you to think in small steps.

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