Destroyer the Dog – 10.30

27 07 2008

A huge thank you once again to Andrew – who is clearly not destroyer the dog but one of my favourite people right now.

This is Destroyer the Dog – be warned, she is trained to take out bears!!!

In the space of three mini hours this morning, after having been slumped ungraciously across my legs for most of the night, this mini thing has already totally destroyed 2 tennis balls and lost one down a well. Great huh.

The well actually isn’t good news. Because this is where we were going to put our new fence, so, discovering that there is a well where we were going to put the concrete for the fence post is not cool.  Really. 🙂 Tooo bad.


My mad hubby is trying to convince me that he watched Nemo last night…. He sure has a strange technique of watching films:




One response

27 07 2008

Destroyer the dog is absolutely CUTE beyond words 🙂

Grrrrr… he looks like one real mean savage beast…


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