If I were a Superhero I would be…. 17.35 ooops – NO. 6

26 07 2008

heheh… I know, I know… I still haven’t updated that ABOUT page, but honest to goodness, my little fingers haven’t stopped sending emails, chatting on Yahoo, checking out other bloggers, updating links and, oh yeah, writing the odd entry for two hours. I did just sneak off with hubby and dog for all of, oh yeah, 7 minute and when I came back… well I had no idea of what to talk about.

So… I thought a little prompt would be good….

Superhero… me? Yeah…..No idea.   Funny that, because I seem to remember that as I child I NEVER played the bad guy. I always had to play the girl who went round setting people free – that must have been that game, ‘stick in the mud’. It was always about fairness and justice and looking after the people who were different in some way or just weaker than everyone else.

Well… it definitely couldn’t be Spiderman – I hate Spiders.
Catwoman would be good – very sexy, very lithe, very flexy, but…nah, can’t see it. Would never be able to squeeze these jumbo trunks into lycra.

So… who then? Who?

Ok, I confess, I’m such a nerd I had to google it,  didn’t I. How about ‘Wonderwoman’. ‘She-ra?’ ‘Xena?’… hehehehe.  Yes I AM that old. heheheh

No. I think it needs to be one of the Incredibles. Now, I look like JackJack when I have a mood on. It bit explosive really. But I’d love to be the mother – Yeah, arms like those could be fantastic. Just think, you could whip mobiles phones out of kids hands in class without you knowing, get their books out on their tables when they ‘can’t find them’ and er, hehehe, a quick flick round the ear without them knowing where it came from.


And with that, I need to post…..




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