fiction that isn’t

27 07 2008

that was my little attempt at speed fiction. Except it wasn’t. I did get lost in Devon somewhere when I was, actually, probably five not four. My brother used to wander off but I didn’t know that bigger, cleverer than me, he always had an eye on my parents’ whereabouts. When he said we had to go back, I didn’t that he was losing them from site. When I wanted to stay on the plastic horse, he chose to leave me there and find. Survival of the fittest I guess.

And when I tried to find them, I couldn’t. I ended up going up the hill into every shop  because everyone looked the same. I remember this woman chasing me and telling Dad she was going to take me to the police. It was actually quite terrifying and my Dad was my hero for years. Perhaps he still is some way.

But it didn’t stop me from getting lost again.  Next holiday, I was interested in the tanks and wandered off and got lost in one. My parents were going crazy.  I guess it was that curiosity that always led me into deep water. Why not?




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27 07 2008
Renee Rigdon

I’m doing pretty well. Just hangin’ on for 2 more hours!!

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