First Car 4.00

27 07 2008

Sorry, got distracted writing an email to a friend and now I’ll all behind again.

I’m skipping a few bits here….but one of the most important FIRSTs for me was my first car. In fact, I still have the key to that little beauty.

She was a red polo aged 10 years when I first had her. She had surprisingly little on the clock and I always suspected that she’d already gone round once. I took her round again… and almost again in only two years.  She was great and I drove her almost into the ground. Poor thing.

She was my freedom. That’s why I still have the key.

She came after that year on crushes when no-one could tell me how long it would take my leg to heal or if I would ever walk again, let alone run, or dance. She died just before I got married. In fact, the day of my wedding I was under the car tying on the exhaust pipe with my shoelaces with a tiara in my hair. (My mother despaired). I never drove her again until I had to take her to the garage to trade her in.  The pot fell off the exhaust in the rode, flicked up and made a whole in the back of the car. I traded her in anway for parts.

Two things come to mind…. she came from Pforzheim. This is where I went when I was 14 to meet a lovely German family.  This is also where I met my first ‘love’. His name was Gert. I count him as my first kiss, and could he ever. He was also my first true heart break –  because I left before it began. Fool that I was. But then I was 15 by that time – give me a break. Oddly enough, he used to drive a red polo. I remember that quite clearly. 🙂

Anyway…what was the other thing? No idea… clearly not important.




One response

27 07 2008

You know what??? I drive a red polo that’s about 10 years old and had low mileage on it when I got it!!!! lol… How’s that for a co-incidence??

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